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Bus Cumbre/Pio Nono

Bus Cumbre ( Plaza Mexico ) - Pio Nono

desde $1.450

Bus Pio Nono/Cumbre

Bus Pio Nono - Cumbre ( Plaza Mexico )

desde $1.450

Vive el Parque From Pío Nono

Entrance from Pío Nono Station
Unlimited use of the Cable Car + Buses all day during the operating hours of both means of transport.

desde $6.900

Bus RoundTrip Cumbre

Bus RoundTrip From Cumbre Station

desde $2.850

Bus RoundTrip Pio Nono

Bus RoundTrip From Pio Nono Station

desde $2.850

One-Way Oasis/Cumbre or The Other Way Around

One way service Cumbre - Oasis .

desde $2.300